Sunday, December 4, 2011

back issue #4: Arriving in Manhattan (last day on the road...*sigh*)

(Note: as will soon become painfully apparent, I do not really know how to use [brackets], but I've decided that they're fun and want to use them [anyway])

Instructions for my last day on the road (written after the fact):

Start with:
A few minutes of drizzly rain [put on rain gear]
Drizzly rain stops [get hot, take off rain gear] 
Repeat 8 zillion times.

Feel suddenly very hungry [look for place that has food]
See a McDonalds [stop at the McDonalds]
Order cholesterol-laden Big Mac [receive Big Mac 47 seconds after ordering it]
Eat cholesterol-laden Big Mac [tell arteries to shut-up complaining]
Get back on bike without noticing ketchup 'fu manchu' style moustache adhered to face.

Think to self, "back tire feels a bit flat." [stop to check tire pressure; tire is, in fact, fairly flat]
Look for spare innertube [find no spare innertubes]
Look for patch kit [find no patch kit]
Inflate back tire [tire goes flat again in 10 minutes]
Continue to stop every 10 minutes to inflate tire over the next 80 miles.

Arrive in Manhattan at 9pm
Wait for brother to arrive
Take picture of hilarious intersection where brother lives [double over with laughter]
Brother arrives [hug brother]

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