Wednesday, September 28, 2011


On Saturday and Sunday (9.17-9.18) I biked from Rochester to Syracuse. Saturday night I stayed at a KOA (Kampground Of America, or, as someone suggested, Kamping On Asphalt). My campsite (excuse me, kampsite) wasn't asphalt... it was more of a sand pit. I set up my tent in the dark, warmed up a can of Chef Boyardee 'Beefaroni' for dinner (not recommended), and, exhausted, crawled into my sleeping bag. As my eyelids drooped, a low growl floated into my tent. I sat up. A yowl joined the growl, and a few seconds later a sharp 'hisss' completed the dissonant choir. Cats. I unzipped my tent and poked my head out. Across the way, the escalating, atonal meows leaked out of a saggy, weatherbeaten camper. In front of the camper, an equally saggy, weatherbeaten woman (seemingly deaf to the feline choristers) slumped in a tattered lawnchair. A Coleman lantern dimly illuminated her Einstein hairdo and walleyed, Igor visage. She looked like the crazy cat lady from 'The Simpsons', come to life. Maybe she was...

I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in Syracuse. I drew, painted, went to a few galleries, and scoped out the MFA program at Syracuse University.

On Thursday I biked east out of Syacuse, and towards Utica.

Saturday 9.17 mileage: 39
Sunday 9.18 mileage: 75
Total trip mileage: 1,467

Coming soon: Utica

The 'Crucible' factory in Syracuse

An abandoned warehouse

At the Jerome Witkin show

New tire time! (this is a picture of my old rear tire...I'm rather chagrined I let it get this bad before replacing it.)

Pear break on the way to Syracuse. The pears were twelve for two dollars. I bought six.


Potato building

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