Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday 9/13: The Erie Canal

On Tuesday I biked north from Darien Lakes campground outside of Rochester to the Erie Canal. I joined the canal at the 'I know how quaintly cute I am' town of Medina. As I approached the canal, the wind, which had been a mildly annoying headwind, grew into a ferocious gale. It whipped about unpredictably, coming at me from unexpected angles. I'd brace myself against a blustery outburst from the west only to have the wind suddenly, and recalcitrantly, change directions, nearly toppling me. I thought back on a malicious game I had played as a child: blowing ants off-course as they earnestly ferried crumbs and debris back to their holes. "I'm so sorry," I apologized, feeling very ant-like as I maneuvered my loaded bike (almost equal to my body weight) through gusts so harsh and capricious they may well have come from the lungs of a giant, mean-spirited seven-year-old. Karma, I guess.

I found a park bench next to the canal and leaned my bike against it, thinking to take a break from biking and draw. My drawing 'break' proved to be even more frustrating than biking. The remorseless wind snatched at my sketchbook, flipping through its pages as I attempted, distractedly, to draw a bridge. I sketched for one blustery hour, and then quit, declaring the drawing a success because the wind had not blown the ink right off the paper.

Tuesday mileage: 40
Total mileage: 1,264

Coming soon: more Erie Canal...

Bridge over the Erie Canal

Wind face

Erie Canal Corridor Sign

Bike Barn! (on the way to the Erie Canal) Should I switch to a trike? Might be easier to stay upright in the wind...

'Awsome Motor's' sign seen on the way to the Erie Canal. Apparently the school system here is 'awsome' too...

My shadow on the grass, taken on the way out of Darien Lakes state park.

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