Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last Day on the Road (if all goes smoothly...)

I am writing this in a Dunkin Donuts in Hyde Park, New York. (While on the road I have developed an embarrassing penchant for Dunkin Donuts' "Big and Toasty" sandwiches...I assume my taste buds are skewed by near constant hunger and will return to normal in time.)

I apologize for the lack of blog updates recently. In the past couple weeks I seem to have developed an allergy or sinus infection or something of that ilk. So now, in addition to being stinky and sweaty and dirty, I am also runny-nosed and watery-eyed. Most people give me a very wide berth.

I do plan to go back and write blog posts for Utica and Schenectady, but I wanted to touch base before I get to New York City.

I have two art shows lined up while I'm in NYC ( one on October 11 and the other on October 13). I plan to continue painting in New York...if the weather cooperates. And, of course, I will continue to post anything pertinent, interesting, or funny in my blog.

Thank you all for supporting my adventure and reading my blog. It's been quite the journey and I've enjoyed the hell out of it.

Thursday 9/22: 59
Sunday 9/25: 46
Monday 9/26: 44
Wednesday 9/28: 89
Friday 9/30: 65
Saturday 10/1: 35

Total trip mileage: 1,805
(This is not including today, which will be 90-95 miles, bring the TOTAL total to about 1,900 miles)


On the last day of the trip. In the rain.


  1. Good luck on your last day! Thanks for letting us follow your ride :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Did you already post the locations of your shows? I'd like to send them on to some people.