Wednesday, August 17, 2011

E-Z painting, E-Z day (my last day in Grand Rapids)

I cruised down Wealthy Street (which is wealthy on one end and not so wealthy on the other) looking for something to paint. A canary yellow and blue gas station caught my eye. It was obviously out of commission; some of the windows were boarded up and the pumps probably hadn't had gas through them in twenty years.

Half-way through my painting session, a knobbly man in an oversized tanktop strolled by. He grinned at me, "That used to be my building a loooong time ago. It was called 'E-Z Lube'. Then some other guys owned it, and now it's just sittin' there doing nothing."

After finishing my painting and ingesting a Cajun Dog at 'Jonny B'z Dogs and More' I pedaled east out of Grand Rapids towards Ionia State Recreation Area. Along the way I stopped at a gas station to pick up a state roadmap (bike stores in Michigan don't seem to carry Michigan bike maps). Next to the register was a rack of around-the-neck glasses holders for $2. "Ooh," I thought, "that would be really cool to have. Then I wouldn't have to tuck my sunglasses into my collar when I take them off." Thinking an around-the-neck glasses holder is 'cool' is probably not a good sign...

Today: bike through Lansing, paint, then camp

Tuesday's mileage: 38.2
Total mileage: 538.87

E-Z Lube gas station
Cool/handy around-the-neck glasses holder

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  1. Great painting. I am really enjoying the blog! Safe travels!