Thursday, August 4, 2011

Made it to Milwaukee!

Biked from Sandhill Station campground to Milwaukee today. At a public restroom and water fountain station in West Allis (about 20 miles outside of Milwaukee) I was given a coconut water by a man who, upon learning that I was biking to New York, was gravely concerned about my electrolyte intake. He was very kind and sported the slightly unusual combination of ponytails, gold necklaces, and spandex bike clothing.

Upon arriving in Milwaukee I met my friends Sarah and Jen (with whom I am staying) and we biked over to the Wisconsin State Fair, which seemed to mostly be a collection of stands serving overpriced, undersized food. According to Sarah, that's only because I purchased the 'wrong' food. Apparently when going for quantity, one should order the Fries Bucket or the Bloomin' Onion, not the Fried Oysters (which were delicious, but tiny). What I really should have had was the Deep Fried Butter...

Tomorrow: painting in Milwaukee

Total mileage for the day (including 14 miles of unloaded riding to and from the fair): 80.24 miles

Total trip mileage: 113.97 miles


  1. A practical do you bike with wet canvas?

  2. Another practical question...where do you have room for these canvases, wet or dry? How many are you carrying?

  3. How can I "like" deep fried butter? Awesome.

  4. RE: canvas questions...
    I put the canvases, wet and dry, into a canvas carrier that with tracks that hold them apart so that the wet ones can dry without bumping into each other (I'll take some pictures of my gear and do a blog post about the logistics of my journey). I got some very thin (1/16th inch) canvas boards that are pretty lightweight...but the paint and the canvases definitely do add some pounds to what I'm carrying. Right now I am carrying 24 6"x8" canvas boards. When 10 or so of them are dry I'll mail them back home. I may also at some point add 8"x10" canvas boards to the mix for some size variety.

  5. Thanks for the info, Jen- I've always defaulted to watercolor and colored pencil on the road because I could never come up with a good way to tote wet canvas. I'll have to explore your gear when you get home and take a lesson! :)