Monday, August 8, 2011

Rooftop view of Chicago

Painting and drawing in Chicago today. Just finished painting the skyline from a West Erie Street rooftop. The hazy sky muted the colors and gave the buildings a veiled look. The sun peeked out occasionally while I was painting, which was frustrating because it totally changed the light and color. But it was also grounding to be reminded that there are larger forces at work in this world than me and my selfish desire for 1-2 hours of unchanging light.

My palette cup (little aluminum cup with a clip on the bottom of it used for holding painting solvent) broke, so I need to find an art store and buy a new one. I know that toting art supplies on a bike is putting them through more than they're designed for, but still, the palette cup was pretty new and shouldn't have broken so my (oh so humble) opinion.

So, for the rest of the afternoon: art store, and hopefully more painting and drawing.

I may or may not hang out in Chicago for another day...haven't decided yet.

Also, I realize that I forgot to post my mileage for the past couple days...

Saturday 8/6: 57.7 miles
Sunday 8/7: 50.3 miles

Total trip mileage: 221.97


  1. Beautiful! How you can make the skyline look so stark AND delicate is beyond me :)

  2. Hey Jen - Found out about your road trip from your Dad, with whom I biked 27 miles on Wednesday night. Sorry to hear about the changing light. But you know Claude Monet went back to paint the cathedral at Rouen N times in different light. Love your blog and your paintings. Stay safe. - Richard