Monday, August 8, 2011

The windy (and rainy) city

Have arrived in Chicago! The late afternoon alternated irritatingly between sun and downpour. I had written my directions on two sides of a piece of paper which I had stuck in my map case. When I reached the end of the first side of the directions (during a particularly long downpour) I took it out of the map case to flip it over. The rain instantly turned my hand-drawn map into pulp. My directions dissolved through my fingers and ran into the gutter. Lack of paper directions would usually not be a problem at all, because I have a smarty-pants phone that has taken over all forms of thinking for me, including navigation. But since the rain was so torrential, I couldn't use the phone and had to leave it safely in the waterproof pannier (the phone is smart, but alas a very poor swimmer). So, sans directions for an hour and a half or so, I cycled generally south, hoping to eventually bump into downtown Chicago. And it worked, I did!

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