Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pedaling up the Michigan coast

Biked from New Buffalo fifty-five miles up the Michigan coast to South Haven. The riding was a bit slopier today. Michigan isn't super hilly, but definitely more rolling than flatter-than-my-chest Indiana.

Somewhere between Bridgman and Stevensville I spotted a glorious tangle of pipes and metal silo-looking things that thrummed and clanked and gave off great clouds of dust. I set up to paint. When I had finished painting and had packed up, a man who worked at the thrummy machine walked over and I asked him what the machine did. He said it made molds for foundries and that the silo-looking things were filled with sand.

After painting I biked the rest of the way to Van Buren State Park (near South Haven). I am currently camped on what can be most comfortably described as a rocky, uneven slope.

(Question: why does everyone think it's such a brilliant idea to string up Christmas lights at their campsite? To show how fun-loving and different they are from everyone else who also strung up Christmas lights? Its night, but thanks to all the unseasonal holiday cheer, its still bright as day here...but I'm probably just jealous because I forgot to pack Christmas lights...)

I would like to give a long-overdue shout-out to my Houston: Mom and Dad, thank you for all your love, support, and encouragement. And thank you for being my paddle when I'm up shit creek.

Today's mileage: 55.4
Total trip mileage: 408.57

6"x8" painting of the thrummy machine


  1. AMEN for you parents. GREAT folks that have two nice kids. I can say kids because I am around your parents age. ;-)

  2. I had to look up "foundries"...but now that makes a lot of sense, especially the need for silos of sand :) What percentage of your total mileage do you think you have covered? Any idea when you think you will arrive in NY?

  3. Can you post a google map of your intended route? I would love to be able to follow along!

  4. If you come through Youngstown,OH let us know when you might arrive, love to photograph you and perhaps offer you a meal. Best of luck and be safe! Tony

  5. Hey I probably will be coming through youngstown. Email me:

  6. I love your painting of the thrummy thing.